Year of Bread

Let’s make one thing clear, this is not a diet blog. 

I run, exercise regularly, eat my vegetables. And I also love to bake. The day before I had my son, I decided I needed cheesecake in my life immediately, and for the next 11 months after. Then, I rolled my way into the pie of the month adventure. There were blueberries, chocolate mouse, and pecan along the way. Pies definitely secured there place in my heart as a favorite dessert, but with July comes a need for a new baking focus.

So here I am at the beginning of the Year of Bread. I have my food scale, a Dutch oven, and The Bread Bible by Rose Levy Beranbaum ready to knead my way through all types and shapes of Bread over the next year.  Though I have a list of pans, tools, temperature probes and other tchotchke in my mental wish list, I started simple today with her basic Hearth Bread.

I shortened my rise times a litttle to accommodate dinner time, and I used my cast iron Dutch oven instead of throwing ice in the oven. The recipe was quite literally flour, water, salt and yeast with just a touch of honey. The crust came out beautifully golden and crispy, but the Bread was a little bit dense. Overall, I think it was a valiant way to break bread on the Year of Bread.


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