My oh pie day. I have long been a fan of this exceptional day. I think my appreciation for a day dedicated to a number,a glorious trillion-digit number, stems from my high school days when Math class was my favorite. There were few things as fascinating to me as the subject that had right and wrong answers. While I have long since forgotten how to find the tangent or sin of anything, I do still love math. Especially when that math is Pi, the ratio of a circle’s circumference to it’s diameter. And lately when I think about circles, I think about pie. And there you have it, one of my new favorite days of the year. 

I even had others on board to celebrate the day with me at work. Winter storm Stella had different plans, but the pie must go on. So last night I set to work on a rich recipe from Wine and Glue. This multi-layer plate of creamy goodness was simple to make and every bit deserving of the drool it induces. 

The bottom layer was a Nila wafer crust topped with some milk chocolate ganache. My ganache came out really thin, but it tasted perfectly fine nonetheless.

Arguably the best layer, the peanut butter cups came next. It wouldn’t be a peanut butter pie without a thick layer of creamy peanut butter with cream cheese and whipped cream. 

That was all easy, then for some reason, I had some major issues with the topping. I broke up the leftover remaining peanut butter cups (leftover sounds like they were unwanted) and space them out. Not a problem. But when I melted down the chocolate chips to drizzle on the top, my chocolate was not cooperative. The microwave was a no-go. Then I tried a double broiler method but still not drizzle-able. So with the help of my assistant baker/husband, heavy cream, and some vigorous stirring, we got closer. In the end, we resorted to a ziplock bag for a pretty top.

The whole thing made for a good looking pie. And guess what, it made for a darn good tasting pie, too. It’s one of those pies that is so rich, you limit yourself to just one piece and make your stomach and waist happy all at once. Maybe that’s a little bit of an exaggeration, but making your heart happy is what matters most anyhow. That pesky winter storm kept this pie from traveling to the office today, but tomorrow will be a different story, and Pi/e will live a little bit longer. 


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