Homemade Poptarts

 These super simple, homemade pop tarts were a sort of baking milestone for me – having all the ingredients to make a recipe on a whim. As I was scrolling through Instagram On Thursday, I came across an irresistible recipe for poptarts from Sally’s Baking Addiction. Rather than put it on my mental “to bake” list, I went to the kitchen and pulled out everything I need. Well, almost everything. I’m still using a paintbrush as a pastry brush, but regardless, I made it work. 

The recipe calls for a pie dough from scratch, but when you’re making pop tarts at 8 o’clock at night, Pilsbury makes a fair substitute. I got six poptarts from one box of dough, and could have made at least one more if I had committed to squishing and rolling my scraps. The egg wash gave such a pretty shine to the pastries and they were still flakey with the store bought crust (as evident by the crumbs in the backseat of my car). I enjoyed one in the morning and thought it was ok. But THEN, I warmed one in the evening and realized they were actually beyond ok, they were delicious. They even taste like classic treat, but better and with simple ingredients. 


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