Sort of Silk Pie

 It may be March, but I am still drooling about February’s pie of the month. This is the eighth pie in a series of monthly treats from my kitchen (or a suitable substitute). One girl can only eat so much dessert on her own, so I try to plan each month’s endeavor around events for maximum pie sharing. This French Silk Pie was crafted in the south for family. And it was sort of a beautiful disaster. The recipe, from A Spicy Perspective, delivered a mouth watering flavor, but my novice baking skills made this fluffy French silk pie look more like sort of silk pie. 


 It all started with the crust. As I read to myself, “pie weights or beans,” I scoffed and thought, I can get by without that step. Well as you can see above, this is what a few fork holes and a deep dish pie plate will get you. Time to add another baking skill to my back pocket.


 I probably wouldn’t have attempted this pie at home with my hand mixer. It took at least twelve minutes to whip up the chocolatey goodness. Four egg yolks and a big mixer-induced smile later and the chocolate was in the pie shell. After I added the whipped cream and shaved chocolate (we tried every side of a grater and a microplaner), this was the beauty that stood tall on the counter. In a way, I liked it even more for all its awkwardness.


 The pie had to chill for a few hours, and we may have devoured some crepes in the meantime. Then everyone had to wait just a minute longer so I could try to get a shot that made this gem shine. 


 In the end, the truth was that looks don’t always matter – especially when it’s chocolate.

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