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Lava-ish Cakes

Sally’s Baking Addiction is probably partly to blame for my growing dependence on baking. And I’m not mad about it. So, imagine my delight when she announce her monthly baking challenge. Swoon. I was more than happy to take on a new challenge and learn a lot along the way. This month: Chocolate Lava Cakes.

I couldn’t wait to tackle this one, but I had no ramekins. That just wouldn’t do, so I took ten minutes of my break time at a conference to scuttle on over to Crate and Barrel. Problem solved. (Shoutout to Crate and Barrel for the enviro-loving message on the bag.)

The first thing I loved about this recip was this step – dusting the ramekins in cocoa powder. Why miss an opportunity for more chocolate, right? I also loved that there were so few ingredients. The only thing I needed from the store was a couple bars of baking chocolate. Once that got melted down nice and smooth, it was time to mix.

A few bowls and quick stirs later and the lava was pouring!

Now here’s the problem with the Avocado oven. It is avocado because it is from an era when avocado kitchens were the bee’s knees. I’m not hating, I’m just saying – it’s old and somewhat unpredictable. So when I baked my little cakes of love for the recommended time, and I ended up with lava-ish cakes. 

The lava cakes slipped right out of the overturned ramekins in a solid heap of oozing deliciousness. And of course, a few spoonfuls of vanilla ice cream helped cool them down, fresh from the oven. The only thing better than that was when I got to reheat my frozen cakes two other nights. Thanks, Sally.


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